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247Around Is Now On Google Boot Camp – 2015!

After a long day on the field followed by exhausting brainstorming sessions 247Around team received a surprise call from a Google executive inviting them to join their prestigious Boot camp at Bengaluru. Google’s Search Engine must be really strong, as from almost no where it discovered this little known team of passionate young entrepreneurs and brought them on Google’s Boot Camp.

This was followed by a personal message from Rajan - a definite high for the team!

No Looking Back After Boot Camp

247Around’s persistent efforts are no longer confined to a small audience but are available for a huge population to savor. There’s no looking back believes 247Around's founding team as it is confident that Google will take them to the next level at a faster pace.

Theres a famous saying that when you really put your heart to achieving something, all the nature’s forces join together to enable that for you. While 247Around team was burning oil at night and sweating it out in the scorching heat on the roads of NCR to on board service-providers across its 30+ target segments, little did it know that one day they will get a call that will transcend them to one of the dream companies in the Internet space.

What does 247Around do?

Around or 247Around serves Delhi and NCR with its flagship services for home appliance repair and maintenance. With its professional network of handymen across NCR today it serves requests for repair of a variety of home electronic gadgets ranging from air-conditioners to refrigerator to washing machine and the likes.

247Around is co-founded by two ex-TI'ans (Texas Instruments) Nitin and Anuj who are die-hard passionate about electronics and its potential to improve lives. With a combined experience of more than 25 years in the semiconductor industry ranging from engineering, solutions design to sales and alliances management, they lead the team with lot of energy and strongly believe that 247Around can make lives easier for the working couples in India's busy cities.

About Us & How To Use Our Service?

247Around you can book a service for Installation and Repair of any appliance at the most competitive prices. You can also see health stats of your appliance. Check prices for the services on Android App, or contact the Call Center and check out the Website. For booking you may use Android App or 9555000247.

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Customer Delight

Sudhir Khurana

Customer Testimonial - Sudhir

Satisfied with the service. Engineers had complete hold on their profession, were very polite and did their job with perfection.

Manish Upadhyay

Customer Testimonial - Manish

My microwave bulb got fused. I told the brand while booking service & engineer came with the right parts. Saved time with Accurate Service.