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Refrigerator Not Cooling

Peak summers and you realize the Refrigerator not cooling. Not necessarily a catastrophic issue! 247Around team with experience of repairing 1.8M devices believes the cooling problem could be due to minor reasons.

We list here possible issues you must check if the Refrigerator not cooling. Only after checking and eliminating the causes listed here, should you call for repairs.

247Around has an on-ground team of engineers which deliver the service at your doorstep at a time selected by you through our Android App or through the call-in number 9555000247. You can also schedule the service on website. Our aim is to provide a hassle free service at affordable prices and empower you with a technology platform which gives you a ready reference to your appliance repair needs when you need it most. 247Around services are currently available in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida. Soon our services will be available in other parts of India.

Common Problems If Refrigerator Not Cooling

Is the power plug correctly connected?

Lose connections or non-functioning switch can result in power not flowing to your refrigerator.

Is the temperature control on the front panel correctly set?

The temperature control system in most refrigerators tends to be an analog mechanisms with a rotate button or a slider. Often the temperature control panel is incorrectly set to the highest temperature in the peak summer. As a result we decide the Refrigerator not cooling and rush to call the repair person. Always check the temperature control panel is correctly set before concluding the Refrigerator not cooling.

Does sun shine directly on the appliance?

The placement of refrigerator in direct sun glare can result in Refrigerator not cooling.

Is the back of the appliance too near the wall?

A common issue, especially in the houses in large cities where space is at a premium. Also a likely problem if the refrigerator is kept in the kitchen with no window or open outlet for air flow. So while installing the fridge make sure the heat dissipation is not hindered.

Often the food stored starts to decay if the Refrigerator not cooling. Reason could be that you have kept too many dishes close to the vent in the freezer. This blocks the vent and impacts the cooling. So avoid these small errors to keep your fridge and the food within healthy!

At 247Around our approach is to facilitate preventive maintenance through easy diagnostics from the convenience of your home. Read our other articles in which we share more such minor self-solvable problems.

'247Around' uses analytics to train engineers such that you get speedy solution to your problem. Similar Analysis is used to assist customers and find information on the prospective solution and price even before our engineer reaches out to you. Once you book a service will be confirmed by a return sms, email and engineer will arrive at scheduled time.


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