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Why Fridge Is Not Cooling: Is It The Frost?

There is frost on the appliance walls and you begin to wonder why fridge is not cooling ? Some common problems that occur in the refrigerators may not need elaborate repairs. To help you understand this 247Around brings to you some common problems and their potential ‘Do It Yourself’ resolutions. Let us find out when and what may not require an expert help.

Did You Check These Issues Why Fridge Is Not Cooling?

You notice frost on the fridge walls and bias yourself thinking this why fridge is not cooling resulting in this frost. But first let us understand the underlying causes for the frost.

Are the outlet vents blocked by food containers in the refrigerator?

Space the food out to improve ventilation. Avoid using large storage containers that may block the vents and redistribute the objects to space out. This will help improve ventilation, giving the vent space for free circulation. If this improves the cooling, nothing to worry. If not, check for the next probable cause below.

Is the door fully closed?

One of the most frequently occurring negligence is related to the fridge or freezer doors being stacked heavily or with ill-fitting objects. This causes the door of the fridge to remain slightly open even when you push back to close the door. If this happens you will see a layer of frost on the appliance walls and may mistake this to be a big problem and Why fridge is not cooling.

Avoid large objects in the fridge doors and do check the door is closed properly. Not only will an open door cause the fridge compressor to work harder and longer to achieve the required temperature, it will also raise your electricity bill and you will wonder why fridge is not cooling.

So do avoid this pitfall! There could be several other symptoms that may lead you to think that the fridge is not cooling- such as bad smell in fridge, compressor making loud sound, buzzing noise in fridge etc. Read our other articles on our website to find out the causes and ways to eliminate these problems before going for repairs.

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About Us & How To Use Our Service?

As we at 247Around have worked on servicing & repairing 1.8 M Appliances over years we follow science of examining historical raw repair data with the purpose of drawing conclusions about repair information. This analysis is used to train Engineers who visit your home for appliance repair jobs. We believe our engineers make superior technical decisions due to this and we disprove existing models or theories in Appliance Repair. What it means for you is fast quality repair at lower costs.

We have an on-ground team of engineers which deliver the service at your doorstep at a time selected by you through our Android App or through the call in number 9555000247. You can also schedule the service on website. Our aim is to provide a hassle free service at affordable prices and empower you with a technology platform which gives you a ready reference to your appliance repair needs when you need it most.

Once you book a service it will be confirmed by a return sms, email and engineer will arrive at scheduled time.

Our approach also facilitates preventive maintenance through easy to do diagnostics that can be done from the convenience of one’s home.

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